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The Alpha Male and Love – Do the Two Go Together?!

This book is primarily for alpha males, or “top dogs.” We’ll talk more about that later; but let’s just say that if you are a man and successful in the world of trade, business, or profession, most likely you are an alpha, or you have been trained to act like an alpha.You may be wondering how you can be so successful at your work, and yet be unable to establish a lasting intimate relationship, despite several failed efforts.

You need a system that works, and that is not mystical or airy-fairy but a practical guidebook. If you are an alpha and living a life focused on achievement, making your way, surviving, you have THREE problems if you want love in your life on a continuing basis.

1. You may not know where love is!
2. Even if you know where love is, you don’t know how to get there!!
3. Even if you know where love is and how to get there-once you arrive, you are going to mess it up, especially under stress, because your alpha instincts, the very ones that bring you success in your work world, can cause harm in relationships. Even if eighty percent of what you do facilitates a loving relationship, the twenty percent that doesn't work is enough to blow up a relationship.

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Maybe you are an alpha female? Or in a relationship with an alpha male or female? Either way this book will benefit you. Click here for more info on how Winning At Love can transform your relationships today!

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