Alpha female behavior

Alpha female behavior expresses the alpha female’s strong character, power, ambition, and penchant for success and survival. Alpha traits are in all likelihood genetically endowed. We first began using the term alpha with animal groups, such as wolf packs. The alpha wolf, male and female, are leaders of the pack. If you are an alpha female, you can be proud of that.

Alpha female behavior includes competitiveness that can be expressed through a love of competitive sports, strong-mindedness, and a take-charge attitude. A take-charge attitude includes the willingness to be a leader and to verbalize orders in a manner that tolerates no argument. It manifests itself in goal-driven busyness and the alpha female’s setting high standards for herself and for those around her. The behavior is designed to establish who is the leader, and can be demonstrated in language that either overtly or covertly threatens to leave, dismiss or harm those who disagree with her or get in her way. This may manifest itself in words such as, “If you know what is good for you, you’ll do as I say,” or stony, icy silence. Alpha female behavior can also be very charming and charismatic if that works better to achieve her goals.

Similar alpha male behavior has been culturally and socially rewarded for centuries, while alpha female behavior has been condemned and punished, either through social ostracizing or even physical punishment. As a result of shifting attitudes towards women over the last few decades, alpha females are lauded in the executive and professional world. At no other time in history has this behavior been more welcome. 

Unfortunately, while the alpha female is flying higher in the professional and executive world than she has ever flown before, the behaviors that push her to success in those worlds often leave her unsuccessful in love and family. She may have delayed starting a family while carving success, or out of fear of falling into traditional female roles.  If she is in an intimate relationship or marriage and her partner is a beta, he may find her intimidating and withdraw rather than deal with his alpha lady. If she is in an intimate relationship or marriage with an alpha male, the marriage might be called “The Fight Club”, or she may bury her own alpha nature. In either situation, her relationship may not be satisfactory and may leave her feeling empty or yearning for something different. If she has delayed entering the relationship world, she may expect to live the remainder of her life successful yet lonely; she may die alone and lonely.

This book explains the origin and nature of alpha people. It helps the reader understand alpha behavior. In a practical, step-by-step way, it provides alternatives to this behavior when it sabotages love, enabling a female to choose when she wants to use her alpha behavior and when she wants to choose other behavior. After all, she’s an alpha, and therefore a winner! And a winner has more behavioral options! While this book is targeted to alpha males, it also addresses the alpha female and alpha female behavior when it is different than alpha male behavior.

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